Capstone Courses and Immersion

As part of the DataScience@SMU program, you will attend two on-campus immersion experiences and complete a final capstone project over the span of your last two semesters. You will be required to register for the following courses: 

6110: Immersion Conference

This experience will bring you to campus in your first or second semester in the program. You don’t need to do any preparation in advance other than booking your travel to SMU from your current city. During this on-campus experience, you will have the opportunity to engage with classmates, other current students, faculty and employers during your earliest time in the program. You will also participate in:

  • Data science workshops
  • Evaluating current students’ capstone projects
  • Student social gatherings
  • Networking opportunities with current data scientists and employers

6120: Capstone A

The capstone project is designed to allow you to:

  • Showcase a culmination of skills acquired throughout the program
  • Work collaboratively and network with your peers
  • Present your work to employers in person at the immersion
  • Increase your marketability in this competitive field 

6130: Capstone B

The second half of the capstone project is your opportunity to complete your project, work through the revision stage and then present your project. The revision process will consist of peer and/or faculty review to ensure you are presenting your best work possible. After your project is complete, you will then attend the second on-campus immersion to present your project to employers, faculty, industry experts and classmates. 

If you are looking to change careers, the second immersion is the best opportunity to show your marketability, network with industry experts and employers, and learn more about employment opportunities.

Below are the dates for the upcoming on-campus Immersion conferences:

Immersion ConferenceDate
Summer 2019
July 11-14