Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when do I register for courses?

Students will register for courses by logging into their my.SMU accounts. Registration dates and deadlines can be found on the Academic Calendar. For more information about registration, including step-by-step instructions, please visit our Registration page.

How do I pay my tuition?

Once you’ve registered for class your bill will be automatically generated.  You can access your bill through SMUpay. You can locate this on your Student Center page in mySMU under the Finances section. 

What books do I need for my courses?

A comprehensive list of required textbooks can be found here. Please note that textbooks are subject to change, so only acquire books for the courses in which you are registered. 

What courses do I take next?

Please visit our Registration page to learn more about course sequencing and the courses for which you should register. You should always speak with your Student Support Advisor prior to registering for classes. 

Where do I find unit coursework? When will it be available?

You will find your coursework within the ‘Courses’ section in 2DS. You currently have the orientation, and two bridge courses listed in this same area. You will receive access to your registered class coursework two (2) weeks prior to the start of the term.

How do I contact my instructor?

The best way to contact your instructor prior to the start of the semester is to post on your course wall for that class. Once your professor has provided you with their contact information in your live session, please follow their best practice for contacting them.

How do I access SAS OnDemand?

You will create a SAS OnDemand account where you will be able to access SAS throughout the program. Once enrolled in classes, your instructor will provide access to the direct link to access all relevant course materials in SAS. For more information about SAS OnDemand, review the SAS OnDemand User’s Guide

How do I access a live session or recording?

You will be able to access live sessions and recordings in 2DS. You will see any scheduled live sessions for that day and previous recordings available on the right hand side of the 2DS home page. To access recordings for your live sessions you’ll select the ‘Recordings’ tab.  

What do I do after I apply for financial aid?

You can take a look at more information about the financial aid process at SMU on their Financial Aid website. You can also reach out to your SMU Financial Aid Advisor, Charmissa Edmun-Haynes, to ask specific questions or confirm next steps needed for your aid to apply to your account.

When do I attend the Immersion? What is the Capstone?

Please refer to our Immersion page for more information. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your Student Support Advisor.