COVID-19 Resources

Program Status

We are currently accepting applications and classes are ongoing.

Our Response

Southern Methodist University is working closely with our technology partner to ensure everything is operating during this time. Here are some of the ways we are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic:

Online Programs: Our online program is positioned to support student learning from virtually anywhere. Our program remains open with weekly live classes held in Zoom classrooms. Students are able to meet with one another and lecturers online at any time, and faculty in this program are trained to teach in the online environment.

Digital Campus: The digital campus for our online program is designed to support connection and collaboration between people living all over the world. There are no barriers to discussion, and our online students remain active in their coursework.

Online Experience: We are always monitoring our online curricula and technology to ensure the most rigorous and engaging experience for students. Our technology partner remains diligent and will continue to assess this experience.

Ongoing Support Services: At this time, our admissions and student support teams remain active and available. You can reach out at any time to speak with a counselor on either of these teams.

In-Person Experiences: Hands-on, in-person learning is a cornerstone of our online program. We are evaluating in-person experiences and communicating directly with affected faculty and current students.


Are you still accepting applications to the online program?

Yes. Currently, applications are being accepted and processed. If you have concerns about completing application requirements at this time, reach out to your admissions counselor.

Are online classes cancelled?

No. All classes are running as scheduled. If you are a current student and have any questions or concerns about attending classes, reach out to your lecturers or to student support.

What should I do if I am unable to send GRE scores, letters of recommendation or official transcripts?

If you would like to start or have already begun an application and are having difficulty securing required documentation, contact your admissions counselor.

Are there changes to the admissions process during this time?

Yes. Unofficial transcripts are now accepted during application phase. Official/conferral must be submitted by admitted students prior to term 3 to avoid registration hold.