Student Support

As soon as you inquire about DataScience@SMU, we begin supporting your academic and professional goals. SMU values the highest quality student support, and we offer applicants, students and graduates services that ensure their success.

Support for Applicants

From the moment you request information about the program, you will begin working with a dedicated admissions counselor. Your admissions counselor will work with you and support you throughout your application process.


Financial aid


Support for Students

When you enroll in the DataScience@SMU program, you become a full member of the SMU community. This means you will have access to many of the same support services as on-campus students. Your adviser will help you acclimate to the online classroom and work with you until graduation to ensure you are meeting your academic goals.



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Support for Alumni

Once your program is complete, you will be invited to attend SMU’s on-campus graduation with your classmates. You will also join the SMU alumni network, a global community working to support one another as well as the University.





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Career Services

Services For Students

DataScience@SMU offers career support services to students throughout their time in the program and after graduation.

Support during the immersion experience:

The career services team offers career advising appointments and topical career presentations to students during DataScience@SMU immersions.

Individual coaching:

Students may schedule one-on-one advising appointments with career services staff at any time. During these appointments, our staff can help with résumé reviews, mock interviews or other career support.

Connection to employers:

The career services team taps recruiters and industry professionals (including SMU alumni) for job search advice and insights into hiring trends for data scientists, and shares this information with students. Students also have access to job postings and webinars from these employers.

Career resources:

The career services team offers a library of career resources to assist students with application materials, their professional brand and more. Resources include guides for interviews, tips for writing résumés and cover letters, templates, and live and recorded webinars.

Learn more about DataScience@SMU and the career services available to students.

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For Employers

If your organization is looking for data scientists who can analyze and manage large data sets to solve problems, DataScience@SMU’s career services team is here to help you connect with SMU students and graduates. Our team can assist you with:

  • Advertising your job openings to students
  • Connecting your recruiting team to our students
  • Facilitating recruitment webinars for your company
  • Participating in virtual career fairs
  • Hosting career presentations at immersions

Contact us at to learn more.

Why Hire DataScience@SMU Students?

DataScience@SMU students have a multidisciplinary background with skills and expertise that are useful for a range of organizations, allowing them to work with ease across various departments, understand different viewpoints and communicate their findings effectively. Our students make sense of complex data and use it to better inform decision-making in organizations. They are trained to ask relevant questions, retrieve pertinent data, visualize and analyze data, and interpret and communicate results, all while considering legal concerns, such as data security and privacy.

Learn more about DataScience@SMU students on our Class Profile.

The DataScience@SMU career services team is here to help you hire skilled data scientists for your organization. Contact us at to learn more.