SMU’s Welcoming Community Online

Committed to academic freedom and open inquiry, SMU welcomes diverse perspectives that cultivate a spirit of innovation and lifelong learning. Through DataScience@SMU, we continue to embrace limitless enrichment opportunities and provide current and aspiring data science professionals with the technical and analytical skills needed to become experts in their field.

The DataScience@SMU Student Experience

The DataScience@SMU experience provides students with the flexibility to earn a master’s degree without relocating. Students in the online Master of Science in Data Science program become an integral part of the SMU community while also benefiting from the additional resources created for an interconnected online learning experience.

Online Learning

Created in 2016 to seamlessly integrate SMU’s skills-based curriculum with the online experience, SMU’s sophisticated virtual campus supports one-click access to live classes, grades, tech support and upcoming assignments. Students can keep track of their coursework and collaborate with faculty and fellow classmates. DataScience@SMU’s intuitive and engaging online platform enables students to:

Attend Live, Online Classes

Classmates and instructors come face-to-face to engage in weekly live discussions regarding statistical methods and principles used by data scientists all over the world. Classes are kept small and are taught in a dynamic seminar style that facilitates close collaboration. This level of attention not only ensures students are fully immersed in the data science learning environment but also the SMU community.

Complete Self-Paced Coursework

Coursework, created by SMU faculty with experience working at Fortune 500 companies, can be completed anywhere and at students’ own pace. They can take advantage of a number of helpful tools, including recorded video lectures, quizzes and case studies. The digital hub reflects our dedication to providing an online experience that supports individual learning styles, with features such as focus mode, dark theme and closed captions.

Access Course Material 24/7 Via Mobile App

Online resources can be accessed from anywhere with a phone or tablet. Students can stay organized with note taking and scheduling features, and use the app’s offline mode to view lectures and assignments without an Internet connection.

Network and Collaborate Online

The DataScience@SMU community stays connected through the interactive virtual campus, where students can collaborate with classmates on group projects, meet one-on-one with professors and network with other professionals in the data science field. And through the dashboard, you are just one click away from everything you need, which means that at every touch point, SMU staff can help guide coursework and life as an online student.

On-Campus Immersions

DataScience@SMU students are required to participate in an immersion experience at SMU in Texas. These in-person events allow students to meet and collaborate with the classmates and professors they see in their weekly classes. Students get to experience the SMU campus and participate in activities such as group projects, capstone presentations and learning sessions.

“Attending immersion was the highlight of the program. It was my first time in Dallas and on campus, and I had a ton of fun with my classmates while learning a lot from the keynote speakers and industry professionals, specifically those from Southwest Airlines and Facebook. The Deep Learning Workshop using Microsoft Azure was also particularly informative. What a great opportunity to connect with my classmates and the awesome SMU faculty!”

–Sharon Teo, DataScience@SMU student

Employer Engagement

During the immersion, students will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts in the data science field. Speakers and guests include employers from prominent companies in a variety of industries who are seeking promising candidates.

Employers may offer insight on students’ résumés, participate in mock interviews, give advice on industry hiring trends and review their company’s current need for data science professionals.

Career Services

The DataScience@SMU career services team is dedicated to helping students achieve their professional goals and can provide students with:

Career advisement
Networking opportunities
A virtual career hub

The DataScience@SMU Community

Our community continues to grow, and with each graduating class, we hear from more students and alumni who have benefited from the online program. When students join DataScience@SMU, they join the broader SMU community and its vast alumni network.

Student Resources

When students enroll in the DataScience@SMU program, they gain access to resources designed to enhance their academic growth and student support services that are present from the application process through graduation.

Student Support

After requesting information about DataScience@SMU, students receive a dedicated admissions counselor who guides them through the admissions process. Students are supported throughout their academic journey with:

Online platform orientation

Academic advising

SMU library access

Technical support