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Big Data Ethics: Privacy

This blog series will examine the four main considerations of big data ethics as defined by the Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society, specifically privacy, security, equality and access. Here, guest author Jim Harris explores the element of privacy.

Kids and Computer Science [Infographic]

In this infographic, DataScience@SMU explores the state of computer science and coding education for K-12 students around the world and in the United States, the challenges to bringing computer science education to American students, and the cognitive and social benefits of a society where more kids are fluent in code.

Data Scientists Who Launched the Field

Long before data analysis, data mining and data visualization were popular, there were pioneers carving a path through the nascent field of data science – helping to create a vision for what data could do when used in new and creative ways. Here, we take a look at five of the top data scientists who launched the field and what they have contributed along the way.

DataScience@SMU’s Inaugural Immersion

It marked the first time our students had met in person, but many felt they had known each other for years. Students arrived at the Southern Methodist University campus for a weekend of networking, career advice, case study work and the chance to finally get the SMU experience firsthand.

DataScience@SMU FAQs Answered by Professor Monnie McGee

DataScience@SMU recently hosted a curriculum webinar that featured a Q&A portion with Professor Monnie McGee and prospective students. Dr. McGee provides prospective students with an overview of what to expect in the program, the types of skills they will acquire through the program, and how data science compares to traditional statistics and analytics.

You’ve Read the Book, Now Listen to the Podcast

If you’re a data science enthusiast, you’ve doubtless read many of the classic books that cover the field. Here are six of the best data-science-oriented podcasts to listen to if you’re a fan of popular data science books.

Data Science Job Growth in 2015

As Samsung would say, “The next big thing is here,” and it’s big data – consumer data, social media data, health care data, efficiency data and a variety of other data types. As a result, companies are scrambling to find ways to analyze and apply this data to increase their profits, target new markets and boost productivity levels. So, if you are looking for a job in high demand that also pays a good salary, consider pursuing a career as a data scientist.

Data Science Today: How to Become a Business Analyst

A recent study of the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that by 2018 there will be 4 million to 5 million jobs in the United States that require data analysis skills. Today’s data scientists work under a number of different interesting job titles and terms, such as business analytics consulting, chief analytics officer, statistician, and business analyst. Each has its own distinct roles and responsibilities related to big data. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at one of the more popular and common job titles — a business analyst — and explore the skills and experience needed to succeed […]