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DataScience@SMU Student Spotlight - Carrie Garcia

Q&A with Carrie Garcia, DataScience@SMU student. Balancing school with her professional and growing family life, Garcia has little time to spare in her schedule. Carrie disscusses how an online data science program is helping her to make more data-driven decisions in the world of marketing. 

What a Difference Four Days Can Make: SMU Immersion 2016 

Many students want the opportunity to interact with peers, faculty and industry leaders in person – and relax in a beautiful campus environment. That’s why DataScience@SMU offers SMU Immersion, a unique component of our curriculum that helps students improve their skills and knowledge – and become better job candidates in the process. This year’s event took place July 21–24 and made a big impact on those who attended.

DataScience@SMU Student Spotlight - Moorthy Manickam

Q&A with Moorthy Manickam, DataScience@SMU student. Working from home for the last nine years, Manickam knows how to draw the line between his professional life and his personal life. Manickam discusses why he prefers the online classroom to the on campus classroom. 

DataScience@SMU Student Spotlight - Kevin Durham

Q&A with Kevin Durham, DataScience@SMU student. Durham discusses his career shift to fill his lack of fullfillment and how earning a Master of Science in Data Science is preparing him for his future goals.

An Introduction to Natural Language Programming

The natural language programing paradigm builds on the premise of getting machines to read and understand natural human language, like English. These form the basis for the advanced form of computing called cognitive computing.

Hunting Unicorns: How DataScience@SMU Revamped My Job Search

Bryan Hudson earned an M.S. in experimental psychology from Northeast Louisiana University in 1999, married his college sweetheart and moved to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where he has worked as the manager of a mental health study, a business consultant/analyst, a computer programmer and developer, database administrator, and data scientist. Bryan is currently enrolled in the DataScience@SMU program.