Sohail Rafiqi

Adjunct Lecturer

Teaches: File Organization and Database Management

Dr. Sohail Rafiqi is a sales consultant at Oracle focusing on Database, Cloud and Big Data solutions. He is the creator of the MSDS Clouds computing course and an active adjunct faculty member since 2016.

He received a PhD in computer science and engineering from Southern Methodist University in 2015, where he was co-advised by Dr. Suku Nair, Dr. Eric Larson, and Dr. Ephrem Fernandez (UTSA). He also holds a BS in computer science and mathematics as well as an MS in computer science and engineering from Southern Methodist University.

His doctoral research involved an interdisciplinary study of pervasive cognitive load measurement using pupillometry. He is currently developing a platform, under the supervision of Dr. Eric Larson, that can detect the cognitive load of a person using a mobile phone without the aid of any specialized hardware.

Before joining Oracle, Dr. Rafiqi was head of product development and support at Optimal Path Inc., a database-on-demand company delivering a full suite of communications management applications to enterprises. He has been involved in product management and development for the last 20 years. Before Optimal Path, he held senior management positions in AudioCodes, Westwave Communications and Alcatel. He has also co-founded two startups and participated in two successful M&As.

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