Noelle Brown

Location: Fort Collins, CO

You Can Handle More Than You Think

“I feel very confident and prepared after the data science SMU program. I know I will continue to evolve and change with the times because this program really challenges you in the best ways possible. This program incorporates a lot of aspects of the field, and you really do have to work hard at it. And because of that, I know I can handle more than I ever thought I could.”

Pursue Your Passions

“The Capstone Project was actually a big reason why I chose the data science at SMU program. Having a piece published was a huge motivating factor for me. … I was very passionate about the project I chose, and it made the work easier and more fun and something that I could use in the field I would like to go into.”

Build Friendships That Transcend Screens

“This program is extremely collaborative, and I’ve made lifelong friends I never thought I would make. The acts of kindness shown by people you’ve only ever seen on the computer is an incredible testimony to how great the DataScience@SMU program is.”

Learn From Everyone in the Classroom

“Everyone is brilliant. Everyone here is kind. And I know, standing next to my classmates, I am standing next to some of the smartest people that I’ve ever met, and that really inspires me to be better as well.”

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