Jim Taber

Location: Rowlett, TX

Take Things to the Next Level

“With the help of the data science degree from SMU, I have elevated myself. I have become more than who I was, because now I interact directly with clients. I solve a variety of new problems using what I’ve learned in the data science program to help them approach their own analytics issues.”

Build a Foundation for Success

“The data science program at SMU has differentiated me by providing me with a foundation of skills. It provides you with the math. It provides you with the data-based type of areas. It provides you with security. It provides you with machine learning [skills]. It’s a lot of information that you learn, but it is the foundation for a data science career.”

End the Intimidation Factor

“SMU is an important school, not only in this region, but nationally. To have graduated from that program – from the university – it means a whole lot. You don’t realize how much you’ve learned until you come out the other end of it, and you’re sitting in interviews and you’re thinking, ‘Wow. I understand this question. I’m not intimidated.’”

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