Adam Tschannen

Location: Dallas, TX

A Different Educational Experience

“[What] really surprised me is the close relationships I have with my classmates and how much we stay in touch and how they really are interested in the industry. … At SMU, it’s a different experience than my undergraduate education. … I’m still very close with a lot of my SMU classmates. We help each other out inside and outside the classroom, just staying close. It’s something unique I found at SMU.”

Join a Well-Established School

“If you can get a master’s in data science from SMU, that goes a long way in an employer’s eyes. They know what this program is; they know what the university is; they know how hard the curriculum is. It’s a well-established school, so when you go and talk to your employer, and they’re like, ‘Oh wow, you graduated from SMU. Now we can have you work on other cool projects within the business.’”

Enter Every Room with Confidence

“When I’m in a meeting with an executive at my company, I’m not shy when giving them stats and being able to quantify, analyze and suggest solutions. It’s because [at SMU] I was in a classroom with a chief data officer for two hours every week. It’s something that I just don’t see. I don’t think there are any other programs like that.”

Make an Impact on Your Organization

“I have this master of data science from SMU. People know I understand the data. I understand the information, how to use it, the questions to ask, why to ask those questions. And because I have all of that, I’m now able to be ‘that guy’ for my company.”

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